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World’s last male white rhino will never mate

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Let’s look at consecutive scene. In the previous century there were half a million rhinos found to roam in African and Asian forests. This number has come to 70000 only within the next 70 years where some species have reached the horizon to be disappeared. In the year of 2011 the western black rhino has been confirmed as extinct. How strange it is that the species has spent its life span in the world for about 5 million years and one fine morning it has found to be extinct. And the most alarming news is that species has been found to have only 29000 members presently. It is very embarrassing to use the ‘only’ word in this context. If more lower degree of only would be present in the English dictionary, then this could be used instead of ‘only’. However jokes apart. Let’s come to the real business.

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The present status of the white Rhino:- 

There has been revealed that the white rhinos have come to the horizon of extinction. There is only one white rhino that is 42 years old and named Sudan, is alive. He is now heavily guarded to be protected from the poachers. The chief executive of Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya has told that Sudan has become too much old and is heading to death.

Sudan is Too Old:-

What is the problem with Sudan? Doctor said the quality of sperm of Sudan is not great to make offspring. And another problem is with his back legs. For this problem he is not able to mount on the female rhino. He has caught in the Shambe region when he was just one years old. After that he was moved to the present place where two female rhinos named Fatu and Najin are present. It has been thought that Sudan would be able to mate with any of them, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Hence the world has reached the time when there would be no white rhino present. A species is heading to the extinction which will result the disappearance of a very valuable member of the ecosystem.

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