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World’s Largest Hotel With 10K Rooms And More

World’s largest hotel
City in the sky - world's biggest hotel to open in Mecca, Representational Image

Let’s see the future. If everything would go properly, then by 2107 we would be experiencing the world’s largest hotel in Mecca with 10,000 rooms.

Saudi Arabia To Build World's Largest Hotel In Mecca Image courtesy: Google
Saudi Arabia To Build World’s Largest Hotel In Mecca. (Image courtesy: Google)

It would be really big. According to the report, with lots of love and labor, the Abraj Kudai Hotel would be the largest hotel of the world.

Image courtesy: Google
Amazing top view. (Image courtesy: Google)

It is expected to be ready by 2107. Presently this project is being played with $3.5 billion.

In the hyped advertisement of the hotel it has been told that Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance owns the project and Dar Al-Handasah group is the designer.

According to the source, this hotel would be located in the Manafia area, the heart of Mecca. This is just 2 kilometer away from the holy Haram in Mecca.

Grand Design of World’s Largest Hotel:

It is obvious that travelers would have the opportunity to experience unparalleled level of luxury and pleasure. The hotel would consist of 12 towers which would be of 30 to 40 stories.

Image courtesy: Google
Abraj Kudai Hotel. (Image Courtesy: Google)

It is being planned in such a manner that it could welcome the royal visitors in its large 1.4 million square complex. Moreover there would be 4 helipads on the roof of the hotel.

The Largest Hotel in The World To Open In Saudi Arabia Image courtesy: Google
One of the restaurants. (Image courtesy: Google)

There would also be convention center in the hotel. There would be more than 70 restaurants.

Image courtesy: Google
Beautiful dining area. (Image courtesy: Google)

There would also be immense space to accommodate a bus station, shopping mall, restaurants, food courts etc.

It is not only the world’s largest hotel with 10,000 rooms, this will also have the largest domes atop its tallest tower.

It is obvious that this project is itself an unprecedented one.

Due to its size, designs, this hotel would be one of the largest tourist spot of the world.

No one can ever think to make such a thing. Saudi has taken this challenge and it would be done by 2107.

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