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World Food Day being observed today

World Food Day. 16 October 2016. Image courtesy :- google

World Food Day is being observed today to create awareness about hunger, starvation and insufficient supply of food. This years’ theme is ‘The climate is changing. Food and Agriculture must too’.

What is World Food Day?

  • On October 16, World Food Day, join the global movement to end hunger. Because when it comes to hunger, the only acceptable number is zero.
  • In a message in connection with the day, the UN Secretary General has urged all governments and their partners to take an integrated approach to climate change, food security and equitable social and economic development.
  • The most vulnerable people are world’s poorest, 70 per cent of whom depend on subsistence farming, fishing or pastoralism for income and food.
  • On this World Food Day, UN highlight the close link between climate change, sustainable agriculture and food and nutrition security with the message that “The climate is changing”.
  • Women, who make up a little more than half of the world’s population, account for more than 60% of the world’s hungry  people.
  • About 870 million people are undernourished around the world — that’s one in nine people on earth. Around 3.1 million children die every year from poor nutrition.
  • The Zero Hunger Challenge, launched by then UN secretary-general Ban ki-Moon, in 2012, aims for a future where every individual has adequate nutrition. This requires efforts to ensure that every to ensure that every individual enjoys the Right to Adequate Food; women are empowered; priority is given to family farming; and sustainable food systems.
  • So far, 10 countries have reduced the hunger rate. These countries include Armenia, Brazil, Cuba, Ghana and Kuwait.
  • Without concerted action, millions more people could fall into poverty and hunger, threatening to reverse hard-won gains and placing in jeopardy our ability to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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