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Won’t Bring Driverless Cars To India: Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari

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Owing to the huge number of unemployed people in India, the government won’t allow driverless cars to ply on its roads, Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari said.

The minister added that focus of the government is to create more jobs to decrease unemployment.

“How can we allow such vehicles when we already have huge number of unemployed people?” Gadkari asked while interacting with reporters at his residence in the national capital.

His statement comes barely a week after a U.S. Congress panel approved rules for such vehicles, paving the way for thousands of self-driving cars to hit the roads.

Technology behemoths like Google and Apple and ride-hailing company Uber have been working on driverless cars.

The minister also said he has told all overseas electric vehicle manufacturers that his ministry won’t support any relief from import duty for such vehicles coming to India.

“I have told the manufacturers that they can come and manufacture here. There is no question of tax relief,” he said.

Indicating how Indian automakers are also getting ready for the growing market, Nitin Gadkari said that one of the bike manufacturers has told him that they have come up with an electric bike which can run for 240 km in one single charge.

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