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Woman to feature on $10 Bill soon..

Harriet Tubman Set to Be Honored with Face on $10 Bill. Image Courtesy: atlantablackstar.com

Woman will soon feature on US bank notes for the first time in 150 years after a successful campaign to celebrate the centenary of female suffrage.

The report:

  • Treasury secretary Jack Lew announced the process of redesigning the $10 bill.
  • A high-profile petition was handed to Barack Obama calling on him to pick African-American slavery abolitionist Harriet Tubman.
  • The public campaign, which nominated the civil war heroine from a shortlist of 15 women, had suggested she replace president Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.
  • There are notes with a face value of $1.3tn in circulation around the world and more than a billion $10 notes alone are printed each year.

Harriet Tubman:

  • Harriet Tubman  was an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian and during the American Civil War, a Union spy.
  • She became widely known and well-respected while she was alive, became an American icon in the years after she died.
  • A survey at the end of the 20th century named her as one of the most famous civilians in American history before the Civil War

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