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Polio vaccine: 2 weeks to replace any problem maker

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We all think that the polio vaccine is capable to eradicate the disease totally. However there is a problem in the polio vaccines which have to be replaced within the next two weeks. The World Health Organization has warned the countries to replace the problem maker polio vaccines as early as possible and the countries have been given only two weeks to do this task. It is to be noted in this regard that the polio virus used in the vaccines are making problems instead of eradicating the polio disease.

The massive replacement of polio vaccine

The 155 countries have been working on the replacement of problem vaccine since last year and the actual shift started on last Sunday which should be completed by 1st may, 2016. According to the WHO the switch is one of the most significant milestones to make the world free from polio disease. It has been seen from some years that after taking the polio vaccines the children under five years of age become patient of crippling disease and other potential fatal viral disease. That is why the vaccines were inspected and the decision of replacement has been taken. However there is also great news regarding the eradication. According to the report, the polio cases have been decreased by 99 percent since last 15 years. Before 1988 it was an endemic disease in 125 countries having more than 350,000 cases worldwide.

The problem

Let’s make a search of the problem for which the conventional vaccination is going to be replaced. The most accepted polio vaccination is OPV or Oral Polio Vaccine. In this case the virus replicates in the gut and goes out through faces. It contaminates the water and passes to other children making them infected. Actually the vaccine is not bad for the child who has given, but it infects other children causing the viral diseases. That is why the WHO is now going to shift the vaccination to IPV or inactivated polio vaccine. However due to shortage of supply it could not be done till date and WHO has bound the time limit by next two weeks.

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