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Age classified rating for entertainment programs: WHO

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The World Health Organization is going to introduce age classified rating in the films and other medium of entertainment. WHO has already asked all countries including India to initiate the process of classifying the films and other programs of entertainment according to the age. The organization has asked to do so to restrict the images of smoking because they are trying to keep aside the youth class from the practice of smoking.

The reason of doing such age classified rating 

According to the chief coordinator for WHO’s Tobacco Free Initiative, Dr. Armando Peruga it has been noted that they are giving emphasis to the fact that there should be such program to protect and keep aside the adolescent smokers from the smoking practice. Today it is one of the gravest health problems that due to the heavy smoking the youth class is facing various bronchial diseases. The organization is going to release its third edition report on the program called ‘Smoke-Free Movies’. In the recent past it has been seen that huge percent of the adolescents in the United States were exposed to the in-cinema tobacco use and for that they were becoming more and more prone to start smoking. That is why the new initiative is being taken into account by the World Health Organization so that we can make some percent of the adolescents free from tobacco.

The governmental initiatives on this issue

The Indian government has already started the initiation to make the tobacco free society by imposing bands in sale and consumption of tobacco. Here the tobacco consumption is not meant only about taking cigarettes, but it is also denoting the raw tobaccos which are more dangerous for health. Other countries have also taken this decision of the WHO into account and started their governmental procedures accordingly.

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