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WhatsApp Will Soon Mark Spam Posts As Forwarded Message

Spam Posts
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WhatsApp is working on a feature that will show spam posts, forwarded from another group or from one of the members in the same chat group, as forwarded message.

“Forwarded message” will appear on top of every post that spammers forward to groups en masse.

The feature has been spotted by wabetainfo.com that follows WhatsApp Google Play Beta Programme in the version 2.18.67.

“WhatsApp has modified the behavior of the feature, that will show on the bubble (when the feature will be enabled in future), a forwarded message” string, if the message has been forwarded from another chat (or from the same chat),” read the information on the website.

When a message is forwarded multiple times, you can notice the label on the bubble.

WhatsApp, at present does not block the forwarding of a message more than 25 times.

“ Spammers may start to forward a new message to bypass the new move but this operation will certainly slow them down and discourage them

WhatsApp has also added the possibility to forward stickers to other chats which will be available in the future.

These two features are currently being developed and will be enabled in next WhatsApp updates.

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