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West Bengal Wins The Fight With Odisha Over Origin Of Rosogolla

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West Bengal on Tuesday won the Geographical Identification (GI) fight over one of the most popular sweets in India- Rosogolla.

This ruling ended a two and a half years long fight with Odisha over the origin of Rosogolla.

The GI authorities have ruled today that West Bengal is the origin of rosogola, reported Hindustan Times.

“It has been settled under the GI Act that authenticates a product relating to either a geographical location, or community or society,” an official was quoted as saying by the paper.

Bengal government and sweet makers presented documents to prove that the sweet originated in Bengal.

A few years back a bitter tug of war broke out between West Bengal and Odisha after the latter claimed that Rosogolla originated from their state.

Odisha claimed to have ‘invented’ the sweet years back, associating it with centuries old ritual of Lord Jagannath.

The battle intensified in 2015 when Odisha’s science and technology minister Pradip Kumar Panigrahi told media that more than one committee set up to trace the origin of the syrupy sweet pointed to ‘conclusive evidence’ that rosogolla existed in the state for about 600 years.

Odisha had applied for GI registration of the sweet and in 2016 also celebrated Rosogolla Divas.

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