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Soon, Body Weight Scale To Measure Over 20 Health Parameters

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The weighing scale that many of us you use every morning to get a reality check may soon measure much more than your weight.

Researchers in Lithuania are developing multi functional scales that could one day measure more than 20 health parameters and warn us about potentially dangerous life conditions.

A team of researchers at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) have already developed a prototype of multi functional body composition scales which can help identify the problems in the person’s arterial condition by the pulse arrival time from heart to the feet.

The researchers are now improving the model by adding new functions and parameters.

The engineers took the standard body composition scale and cranked it up a couple levels.

Body comp scales use electric sensors on their footpads to measure your pulse, which gives readings on things like hydration level, body fat, and lean muscle.

Body composition scales supplemented by handlebar and matching technologies can measure a person’s pulse through sensors on the handlebar and footpad electrodes.

The engineers are also working to program the scales to identify irregular heartbeats and hyperkalemia, or high potassium in your blood.

Once the scale notices the potentially life-threatening issue, it’ll notify your doctor, who will adjust treatment options accordingly.

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