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Velvet Female Condoms: Made in India

Velvet Female Condoms
Velvet Female Condoms: "New Choices, New Horizons"

The Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare J P Nadda has officially launched the Indian made Velvet female condoms. The females are now also able to afford the condoms as the new indigenous product has reasonable price. It is latex-based condoms which would provide the pleasure to the females.  The condom has been manufactured by HLL Lifecare Ltd. They have given the name of the female condom as “Velvet” along with the theme “New Choices, New Horizons”.

The protection and safety for the female

Image Courtesy: Google
Image Courtesy: Google

The female condom would provide the full protection and safety to the female partners during doing sex. It is now a problem of having sex related diseases and that is why the launching of the new female condom is very significant because due to the reasonable price everyone would be able to afford it and there would be less sex related diseases in the society. The female condom, “Velvet” would empower the women of the country. Till date most of the females followed the unprotected sex because of unavailability of the proper safety measurement during the sexual intercourse. Now they would be able to get the sexual pleasure under the safety measure. It is the Indian made female condom, “Velvet”.

Velvet Female Condoms would help female in family planning

The Union Health and Family Welfare Minister has said that the female condom would make an important part in the family planning. Now on the women along with the male partners would be responsible to avoid the sex disease and uncontrolled population. According to the news the Indian female condom, “Velvet” has passed all tests of World Health Organization or WHO and after that it has got the permission to be marketed.

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