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Velu the Welder

“Velu the welder” is a state-of-the-art and low cost educational aid for welding skills development of young generation in India.

It is an interactive game; where players step into a virtual apprentice workshop by following the footsteps of Velu, a young Indian man getting a crash course in welding.

It consists of a weld table with intelligent welding guns, which are supported by specialized hardware and software.

The programme is designed for the Indian conditions and will be further strengthen to be deployed in remote districts.

The game is been designed by TCS (Chennai) to help the school drop-outs by training them to a moneymaking trade skill. The course will help the student or participants in earning their livelihood after completion of the course. Most of the student have started earning around Rs. 1,0000 to 1,00,000 Per Month with the help of this course.

The technology was also demonstrated by TCS to  the National Skills Development Initiative of India, which could be used to train millions of apprentices in a cost-effective way.velu_welder1_lg

Objective of the game

  • The game will help the students to learn two types of welding — gas and arc with 5 different tasks.
  • Through the first two tasks, the student will be able to learn hand coordination and movement using gas welding.
  • In the remaining sets, he will be provide training on arc welding to join four metal pieces together to build a frame.
  • The game is played by using a Nintendo Wii Remote, which is a replica of the actual welding gun.
  • The console’s motion-sensing controller makes players feel like they’re holding a real welding torch.

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