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US airstrikes destroy over $500 million ISIS cash reserves: reports

U.S. airstrike destroys second site of ISIS cash reserves.

It has been told from many days that the international alliance against the notorious terror group ISIS would be working to collapse the supply of fund for ISIS militants. It has been reported recently that the US airstrikes have become successful in Iraq and Syria to destroy more than $500 million and 20 kilograms of gold stored by the notorious terror group. If it is true then it is surely a positive step to stop the ISIS militancy.

The evidence of the success of US airstrikes:

Although there is no such direct evidence of the US airstrikes, the estimate has been made on the basis of recent fund shortage of ISIS. It has previously been told that the group pays its fighters more than that of even the US army soldiers. Recently it has come to the forefront that the ISIS group has slashed the salaries of the fighters across the region. It is to be noted that the extremist group has started taking the tax in only dollars so that they would be able to overcome the problem of fund curtailing.

The estimate of the US:

Although according to the ABC news has given the report on the destroy of the fund that it amounts roughly $500 million, the US official has given the statement that the amount is more than the estimation and it might be high hundreds of millions of dollars. The US is now targeting more cash distribution centers of ISIS so that the group would be ceased to exist by the fund curtailment and the planet would continue its life without the terror tension. Whatever the estimate is, it is sure that the ISIS is now facing problem due to destroy of its fund.

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