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UK new visa policy: Restrictions on Non-EU nationals

The new visa policy
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The United Kingdom is now restricting the immigration of non-EU members and to do so the availability of visa to enter the country has been made restricted.

The United Kingdom has recently announced the new visa policy for the non-EU individuals. It would surely affect the large number of people especially the IT professionals.

The New Visa Policy:

Let’s have a look on the new visa policy so that you could have some information on it.

If you have applied for visa after 24th November under the Tier 2 ICT or Intra-Company Transfer category then you have to meet higher salary onset of 30,000 pounds which was 20,800 pounds earlier.

Therefore, many of us could not get the visa under the new policy.

According to the announcement from the Home Office, it is to restrict the immigration problem in the present situation.

It is to be noted in this regard that most of ICT route has been using by large number of Indian IT professional till date.

The changes have been made implemented just before the Prime Minister Theresa May landed in India for a three days visit.

Other than the Level 2 ICT compensation limit climb, alternate changes reported incorporate expanding the Level 2 (General) pay edge for experienced labourers to 25,000 pounds, with a few exclusions; diminishing the Level 2 (ICT) graduate learner pay edge to 23,000 pounds and expanding the quantity of spots to 20 for every organisation for each year; and shutting the Level 2 (ICT) aptitudes exchange sub-class.

The Massive Renovation:

Various changes have additionally been declared for the Level 4 class, which covers support prerequisites for the Doctorate Expansion Plot.

Nationals outside the European Union, including Indians, will likewise be influenced by new English dialect necessities when applying for settlement as a relative following more than two years in the UK on a five-year course to residency settlement.

The new prerequisite will apply to accomplices and guardians whose present leave to stay in the UK under the family movement guidelines is expected to lapse on or after May 1, 2017.

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