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Uber And NASA To Launch Flying Taxis By 2020

Flying taxis
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Uber recently unveiled a partnership with NASA that will see it develop flying taxis priced competitively with standard Uber journeys.

It also announced Los Angeles will join two other previously revealed “UberAIR” pilot schemes in Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas, and Dubai.

Uber announced it had reached an agreement with NASA to develop systems for managing low-altitude flights.

The partnership, signed under NASA’s Space Act Agreement, will enable Uber to develop an on-demand, app-based flying taxi service – named UberAIR.

It will begin tests in Los Angeles in 2020, and subsequently Dallas, Fort Worth and Frisco.

Uber also released a video to demonstrate what using its aerial taxi service would look like from the perspective of a working mom who just wants to get home to her kids.

UberAIR forms part of the ride-sharing apps’ Elevate initiative, which would see cars replaced with electric aircrafts that are capable of taking off and landing vertically as a quicker and more environmentally friendly way to travel.

The planes, known as Vertical Take-off and Landing aircrafts (VTOLs), will carry up to four passengers and will also allow users to share rides.

A movie previewing the air service shows that it will function much like Uber’s current app, through which users can order a taxi on-demand with payments automatically deducted from stored card details.

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