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The water scarcity in Varanasi is due to Coca Cola: the report

There is another in-house protest to stop continue the business in India. The Coca Cola company has faced agitation from the villagers of Uttar Pradesh that the company is causing the water scarcity in the locality and therefore the village councils are demanding that the local Coca Cola bottling plant has to stop extracting the ground water because it is resulting in the scarcity of water in Varanasi and other places of Uttar Pradesh. It has been reported by a group who conducts the environmental campaign.

The allegation:
According to the report, the villagers of Varanasi district claim that the local bottling plant of the Coca Cola company ia making the water scarcity since 1999. And it is also a great point that the place is the constituency of the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. It is doubtful about the logic of the agitation. According to a source it has come to know that the village councils did not ever welcome the Coca Cola Company there. The spokesman of the village councils, Amit Srivastava has said that the time has come for the company to pack up and leave the place. He has told also that the company has surely a worldwide reputation, but simultaneously it is responsible of using huge water also. Amit Srivastava has said that at Mehdiganj, the company is taking out the ground water leaving a water scarcity for the local poor people. It is to be noted here that Mehdiganj is basically an agrarian place and it is really an important issue to think about the scarcity of water here.


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What to do then?

It is really a problem of losing the ground water of this country. According to the environmentalists it is one of the great problems of this country. Moreover, there is a chance of polluting the water by the byproducts of company. However the beverage company also shown a report in favour of them where the Central Ground Water Board submitted a report saying that the depletion of ground water is not due to the bottling plant. However, I do not think that the report would be able to save the company. Let’s see what will happen.

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