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Tech Startup Businesses Have Third Biggest Ground In India

tech startup businesses

Startup businesses are the top priority of news. Most of the developing and developed countries are going to the business profile with low invests primarily.

And developing them in a manner so that in future there would be productive output from the businesses. India is one of those countries.

According to the news, India ranks third in the tech startup businesses profile. We must note in this regard that the technology-driven startups are most important sectors in the Indian market. Although the US and the UK are in the top two positions respectively, India does not lag behind far.  A recent study has concluded that India is the third largest country with respect to the tech startup businesses in the international aspect.

Check out the Study:

India ranks 3rd globally with more than 4,200 Startups Image courtesy: Google
India ranks 3rd globally with more than 4,200 Startups. (Source: Economic Times)

The study has been done by the Assocham with the co-operation of Thought Arbitrage Research Institute.

According to the study, Bengaluru has the largest share in tech startup businesses in India.

This city is being followed by Delhi NCR and Mumbai. It has also been reported that the other cities like Hyderabad and Chennai also hold a prestigious place regarding the tech entrepreneurship.

The report has shown that India has currently tech startups numbered 4,200 after the United States and the UK having more than 47,000 and 4,500 respectively. If we include non-tech startups then also this country ranks within top five countries.

India Offering Opportunities to Tech Startup Businesses:

India has emerged as the large tech-provider country. The consumer in the tech sector also is increasing day by day.

Due to the huge market and the high demand of tech support, India is preparing itself as the most promising country in this sector.

If everything would go well then the days are not so far when the US and the UK would follow this country regarding the startup sector.

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