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Supreme Court Bans Sale Of Firecrackers In NCR

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The Supreme Court on Monday (October 9) reinstated the ban on sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR, citing alarming air quality.

The SC in it’s order said that there was “direct evidence of deterioration of air quality at alarming levels” every year during Diwali on account of bursting of firecrackers.

The ban will be in force till October 31.

A three-judge bench, headed by Justice A K Sikri, upheld the November 11, 2016 Supreme Court order, suspending all licences that “permit sale of fireworks wholesale and retail within the territory of NCR”.

The order, however, does not prohibit bursting of crackers – which means that people with last year’s stock can use firecrackers.

But the ban on sale is clearly intended to drastically reduce the use of firecrackers in Delhi and surrounding areas.

The SC had passed last year’s order after Diwali in view of the high level of pollution, saying the city was “smogged” into an environmental emergency of unseen proportions.

The ban continued till September 12 when the court modified its order and allowed limited sale of firecrackers but banned import from other states.

While the court had in its September order said there was a need for a balanced and graded approach to controlling pollution rather than radical steps, the proceedings took a different turn on Monday.

The bench noted there were several factors contributing to a pollution crisis in the city and the extent of the adverse impact of bursting of firecrackers needs to be ascertained.

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