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Study: Use of e – cigarette has almost doubled in UK in 2 years, says Europe-wise study

Increase in the use of E-cigarette during the past two years: Study. (Image Courtesy: Google)

The dependence over the electronic devices is increasing at a very rapid rate in today’s time. Even for various day-to-day activities people are now depending upon the electronic devices for completing the same.

The habit of taking the cigarette is now common in today’s time. Hence as a means of solution to the same e-cigarette’s are introduced. This cigarettes are a kind of replacement of the normal cigarettes and can prove to be useful for replacement of habit of taking the same.

Various parts of e-cigarette. (Image Courtesy: Google)
Various parts of e-cigarette. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Statistics of taking e-cigarettes

According to the latest study being conducted, the number of people taking e-cigarettes has almost doubled since last two years of 2012 to 2014. The proportion of the people who has tried the same has increased from 8.9 percent to 15.5 percent which is higher than the average of Europe. Also the number of people who consider this devices dangerous has significantly increased from 27 to 51 percent.

This new e-cigarette is delivering the nicotine over into the lungs via form of vapor. It consists of nicotine in the form of a solution which is either of propylene glycol or glycerine and water and also sometimes flavorings.

On sucking the device the sensor present in the same detects the flow of intake air which heats the liquid present inside the cartridge, which causes it to evaporate. Experts are been constantly debating about the safety of the device and is also raising concerns about the toxicity of some of its ingredients.

Choice between cigarette and e-cigarette. (Image Courtesy: Google)
Choice between cigarette and e-cigarette. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Study: Introduction and Data

Dr. Filippos Filippidis who is a lead author of the research from the School of Public Health at the Imperial commenting over the same says, “This research shows e-cigarettes are becoming very popular across Europe ­­ with more than one in ten people in Europe now having tried one of the devices. However there is debate about the risks and benefits associated with e-cigarettes. For instance we don’ t know whether we may start to see diseases emerge in 10­20 years’  time associated with some of the ingredients. We urgently need more research into the devices so that we can answer these questions.”

The study has collected data from over 53,000 people being located across the Europe and has also revealed that France is having the highest use of the e-cigarettes with about one in every five. The nation has seen highest rise in the proportion of the people who has tried upon the e-cigarettes which is nearly tripling from 7.3 percent during 2012 to 21.3 percent in 2014.

Statistics of Report

Average number of the people across the Europe who has tried the same was being found from Portugal with about 5.7 percent. The possible reason for so much of the variation among various nations includes number of cigarette smokers, the types of smoking bans that exist in different countries, and also the levels of advertising for the devices.

Most of the people who has tried the e-cigarretes were being former or the current smokers. Though the number of non-smokers who tried e-cigarettes has also increased during 2012-2014.

Dr Filippidis adding over the same says, “Although this data shows most of the people who use e-cigarettes are current or former smokers ­­ which suggests the devices may be helping some of them quit smoking ­­ it is worrying that some people who have never smoked are using them. This raises the question of whether they could be a ‘gateway’ to smoking conventional cigarettes.”

The team has analysed the responses to the two Special Eurobarometer for Tobacco surveys which were being carried out in the early 2012 and even in late 2014, over the perceptions and the use of e-cigarettes from among the representative sample of adults (15+ years) from the 27 EU member states, excluding Croatia.

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