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Space photos from ISS helps decode light pollution on Earth

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We all are very much concerned about the pollution’s of sound, air, water, land, and so on. But have we ever thought about the light pollution? Becoming embarrassed? Do not be. There is also the pollution of light which is now studied by the digital pictures provided by the International Space Station or ISS. The astronauts are helping the scientists to measure the pollution level in the different cities of the world regarding the scattered light. The photos do not only provide the proof of the light pollution of the cities but also the photos provide the data regarding the pollution due to the faint scattered light wave fallen on the ground. And the street lights and lights from the high rises make the contribution to the scattered pattern of light. How interesting it is. I think we have never thought of this.

Image: Google

The cities at night- project:-

What is caused by the street lights and the lights from the high rises? Apparently this is good to view the night sight. There is another scenario behind the intense lights. According to the scientists due to the heavy street lights the view of the faint stars and the Milky Way are not viewed. Before the advancement, the digital photographs from the astronauts were the only evidence and source of the environment of the earth. Now on, the high resolution real time pictures will make the scientists on earth able to assess the condition of visibility and power consumption easily and efficiently. Let’s hope it will open a new door of the research and development.

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