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Smartphone batteries emitting over 100 toxic gases: Study

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Batteries of smart phone emitting over hundred of toxic gases. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Smart phones are the common thing which people are highly fond of nowadays and using them every single minute of their life. There has been much research over what these smart phones are causing damage to humans. It is not just catching fire or exploding while one is sleeping next to it, quite dozens of toxic gases are produced by batteries.

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Toxic gas emissions: Threat from lithium-ion batteries

This is found highly in many of the consumer devices like smart phones and tablets. Team of researchers has identified quite more than 100 toxic gases which are released from lithium-ion batteries. This gas also includes carbon monoxide which can cause strong irritation to skin, eyes and nasal passages and even harm the wider environment.

According to the findings from the researchers of Institute of NBC defence and Tsinghua University of China quite many people might be unaware regarding the dangers of overheating, damaging or using disreputable charger for their rechargeable devices.

Jie Sun who is a lead author and even professor at the Institute of NBC defense says, “Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries are being actively promoted by many governments all over the world. The lithium-ion battery is used by millions of families, so it is imperative that the general public understand the risks behind this energy source.”

Dangers concerning exploding of batteries has led manufacturers to recall quite millions of devices. Dell has even recalled four million laptops in 2006 and even millions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices recalled in 2016 after receiving reports concerning battery fire.

Yet the threats posed by toxic gas emissions and even source of this emissions are not well understood. Sun and her colleagues has identified several factors which can cause increase in the concentration of the toxic gases emitted.

For example, a fully charged battery will be releasing more toxic gases than a battery having 50 percent charge. Chemicals contained in the battery and their capacity of releasing charge are also affecting the types and concentrations of toxic gases released.

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