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Smart Jacket by Google & Levi’s To Go On Sale Later This Year

Image courtesy: Google
Image courtesy: Google

Apparel major Levi’s and tech giant Google have teamed up to create a connected smart jacket aimed at urban bike riders.

The Commuter Trucker Jacket uses Google’s Jacquard technology to turn its fabric into a gesture-controlled fabric.

smart jacket
Image courtesy: Google

Google and Levi’s announced the release date and price for the connected jacket during SXSW 2017 in Austin.

The smart apparel is the first commercial product that uses the touch-sensitive fabric developed as part of Google’s Project Jacquard and Projects (ATAP) division, and was first announced in 2015.

The connected jacket comes fitted with Bluetooth-powered cuff-links that allows users  to swipe their fingers to send commands to their smartphone, making it easy to get directions, answer calls, or control the music without pulling the phone out of the pocket.

Video: Youtube

After removing the tag, the entire jacket is washable – just like a regular denim.

The smart garment will be made available in the fall and will cost $350 (or approx Rs. 23,171).

The product film shows a biker answering a call by brushing a sleeve, clearly the smart jacket is a niche product and might not be ready for the prime time anytime soon.

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