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Smart Cars: New Method For Keeping Safe From Hackers

Smart Cars which are using internet and smart device technology for its working are under the risk of getting hacked. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Smart Cars is one of the most innovative technology which is enabling more comfortable travelling experience for the drivers.

Smart Cars are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS), Bluetooth and even internet connections.

This can be misused by hackers by gaining control over the car and hence these types of car’s are quite highly prone to be hacked.

Newer methods found for making cars hackproof. (Image Courtesy: Google)
Newer methods found for making cars hack-proof. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Consequences of Hacker Taking Control Over Car:

Shucheng Yu who is from the University of Arkansas at the Little Rock (UALR) from the US commenting over the same says, “There could be some very severe consequences if someone hacked into the car. A car can be fully controlled by the hacker if it is not protected.”

Yu and Zachary King who are from UALR has created this security protocol which will be used for protecting this smart cars from getting hacked.

They have also built up an experimental environment which is simulating the communication system in a smart car. It is further allowing the security protocol for being tested via simulations.

Research is mainly focusing over the development of the security protocol for protecting the Controller Area Network (CAN) over internal communication system in vehicles.

Ways of Protecting the CAN:

King commenting over the same says, “There are many ways that hackers can control CAN. Once they access it, hackers can pretty easily control your car however they want. We are proposing to add a layer of security, so if an unauthorized person accesses it, they still would not be able to control your vehicle.”

Security Protocol is protecting the CAN in terms of two ways. First it is authenticating the message being sent via the network for creation of an authentication code. This code will be allowing the nodes over the network for differentiating between the valid and attacker’s message.

Second security feature among that is protecting against the replay attacks whenever a hacker is attempting to breach the network by sending a old message repeatedly.

This is done via a method called as a time stamp which is used for calculating when network has last received a message and is verifying the freshness of the message.

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