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Scientists spot elusive space-time ripples

Massive collision being detected among the black holes, which resulted in formation of gigantic gravitational waves which has been detected recently. (Image Courtesy: Google)

There has been an eureka moment with the recent detection of the gravitational waves by means of the space time wave detection known as LIGO. This detection of the gravitational waves opens a totally new frontiers, explaining the special movement of different celestial objects and their behaviour over various external fields.

Before it has been believed that a star lies at the centre, and the planets being rotating around it due to the effect of attraction being existing between them being known as the gravitational field. But looking at the current discovery this doesn’t come out to be the case. Detection of this waves proves the existence of the space-time fabric, which could be compared with the dent being produced over a plastic sheet when a massive ball is being placed over it.

The concept of the gravitational waves being detected by means of LIGO, the advanced technology to detect the spatial waves of the gravitational energy. (Image Courtesy: Google)
The concept of the gravitational waves being detected by means of LIGO, the advanced technology to detect the spatial waves of the gravitational energy. (Image Courtesy: Google)

LIGO: Opening the doors for newer laws

Since a long time, scientists of the US has been working over LIGO (Laser Inferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory), which has detected some of the gravitational waves being captured coming from the distant Universe (from 2 merging black holes which are being assumed to be 1.3 light years away).

Groups being located at the Inter-University for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) and the Raman Research Institute (RRI) located in Banglore are being constantly working over the data being provided by LIGO. About 34 Indian scientists are being the contributing authors in the landmark paper which is being about the discovery and is being published online in the Journal Physical Review Letters. Biggest help being recived is the approval from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for setting up of the Indian component for the advanced LIGO.

Evidences in the Past

There has been some of the indirect evidences of the detection of the decaying orbital periods of the objects which is being called as the binary pulsars – which is being discovered by Russel Hulse and Joseph Taylor  in 1974. Still the direct detection of the gravitational waves has been quite difficult. This detection requires enormous advances in the science and technology.

Concept of the working of LIGO which reflects the laser beams by means of its two mirrors and deflects by means of incoming gravitational waves. (Image Courtesy: Google)

LIGO: Precise Gravitational waves measurement.

LIGO is being considered as one of the most accurate and precise space time gravitational waves detection device. The first gravitational wave stuck over it during 14th September, 2015 and the signal which was being stuck was having a remarkable stamp of a black hole.

There are about two systems installed at about 3000 km distance apart which will be calculating the time delay and will be ensuring that the detected signal is not being detected due to any of the spurious seismic signal or some kind of the local vibrations. This noise are being created by any of the means of destruction of the stars, some imbalance in the space dimensions.

Each arm consists of about 4 km tunnel which reflects the laser beams back and forth by means of two mirrors which are being suspended opposite in direction to each other. These laser beams are being tuned to always have a total interference, so none of the light can pass through the beam splitter into the photo-detector being located behind through the intersection. But with the passage of the gravitational waves through it there is being deflection of the space time which results in the oscillatory motion and elongation and compression of the beams causing the net signal to pass through the photo detector. This net signal is the photo imposition of the received gravitational waves.

According to Gabriela Gonzalez, chief spokesperson of the LIGO at Livingston, the signal which was being received was being received about 7 milliseconds later than the expected, and being lasted for about 0.4 sec along with the ringing down. This data when analysed gives the result that one black hole of 36 solar masses is being merged with the 29 solar masses which is being giving rise to another black hole which is of 62 solar masses, summing up to the total energy of 1049 watts is being radiated away in the form of gravitational waves which is being equivalent to the missing 3 solar masses.

As being noted by P. Ajith of the International Centre of Theoretical Sciences, the chances of this prediction to prove wrong is being less than 2 x 10-7. The most advantageous part of this is the approval from the Indian PM about the discovery to establish the Indian component of advanced LIGO.

What actually are gravitational waves?

Gravitational waves are being produced due to the small ripples in the space time due to the destruction of any of the star or some kind of spatial activity being leading to the release of large amount of the energy into space. This waves travel through the gravitational blanket which was being proposed by Einstein to travel long distances.

The concept which has been proposed by einstein for the gravitational energy. The star being located at the center of the imaginary blanket with the planet being rotating around the same. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Einstein discovery

Einstein said that whole of the solar system or the universe is being made up of an imaginary blanket with the sun or any of the star at its centre, which forms the structure similar to the bowl in the blanket. Other planets are being rotating around the sun in this bowl by means of the centrifugal force. Thus if there is any change in the space time or the fourth dimension it will lead to the formation of waves over the blanket which can effectively transmit it to the large distances.

These waves were not discovered until now when the recent giant device known as LIGO discovered it by the use of advanced technology.

Discovery: Why is it important?

This discovery will completely change the current about the gravitation being proposed by Newton and will no longer remain to be the attraction between the two particles being called as gravitational energy. With the proof of this concept many of the advanced quantum physics concept being related to the worm holes and time travel can prove to be true. Thus this discovery can prove to be a milestone in the history of physics.

Is the gravitational waves being fully discovered?

Though the physics supports the existence of such gravitational waves, but such waves are relatively weak due to the large distances to travel.

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