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Saridon, 328 other combination drugs Banned by Government

Image courtesy: Google
Image courtesy: Google

The Union Ministry of Health has banned the manufacture, sale or distribution of as many as 328 varieties of combination drugs in its efforts to keep a check on the irrational use of fixed-dose combination (FDC) medicines.

The move will likely affect over 6,000 medicine brands worth about Rs 25,000 crore across the country.

The FDC medicines are two or more drugs contained in a single dosage form.

They are manufactured to evade price control measures and are low-cost drugs that can treat multiple diseases.

The move was taken considering the larger public interest, says a government statement, adding that it will help curb the wrong use of ‘unsafe’ FDC medicines.

Reports suggest the health ministry took the decision to ban these drugs after the Drugs Technical Advisor Board suggested these drugs might pose health risks.

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