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Royal Caribbean Is Building The World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean
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The title of “world’s largest cruise ship” is getting lot of attention from cruisers. Even the Royal Caribbean knows it can pretty much apply the term to any of its Oasis-class ships.

More important is that, this title is the experience and cruise line seems to have found right mix of features for getting passengers on board. Royal Caribbean International is going to keep beating its own big-ship record.

Interview: Royal Caribbean CEO on Launching the World's Biggest Cruise Ship. (Image Courtesy: Google)
Royal Caribbean CEO on Launching the World’s Biggest Cruise Ship. (Image courtesy: Google)

Largest Cruise Ship:

Miami based cruise operator announced on Wednesday, that world’s largest cruise line which is measured by passenger capacity has launched the largest cruise ship ever in 2009. That ship is 225,282 ton Oasis by the Seas.

It was followed by slightly longer Allure of the Seas in 2010. Both of them are carrying 5,400 passengers at double occupancy. During last year, sister ship Harmony of the seas became the biggest.

It is encompassing 226,963 gross registered tons and is holding 5,494 passengers. It will have to shed the title to Symphony of the Seas in April of 2016.

At about 230,000 tons, newer ship will have 28 more rooms than Harmony. In a call with reporters, Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Micheal Bayley has called the newer ship the “latest, greatest, newest, most beautiful baby that’s coming soon.”

Bayley would not reveal much of the details regarding the upcoming ship. Yet he said that there were new features and a different design for the solarium area.

New Sailing Ships:

After making his debut in Europe and spending several months there, Symphony of the Seas will be based in Miami.

It will be with the allure of the seas. Both of them will be using a newer terminal which is built to handle the immense crowds that board and depart the mega ships in a matter of hours.

Other Oasis class ships will also be sailing from Florida, atleast in winter. Oasis from Port Canaveral in Central Florida and Harmony from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdate. One of those vessels are likely to be heading to Europe in summer in 2019.

Beyley says that its company is not concerned about having too much capacity sailing the Caribbean during next year. It will even include as competitors including Norwegian Cruise Line plane to also sail newer ships in market.

He adds, “We’re quite bullish about the Caribbean. We’re seeing more and more international guests come into the Caribbean.”

Whether or when the Oasis class ship might be taking it to another hot destination China is still unclear. Beyley even told the reporter who asked about the possibility, “Oooh, good question. You never know.”

He adds that company is having other classes of ships on order as well which are smaller than Oasis but still giant. He says, “There’s lots of opportunities for the world’s largest ships to go to China.”

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