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First Robotic Kidney Transplant Performed In Maharashtra

The Da Vinci robot. (Image courtesy: Google)

Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre performed the first robotic kidney transplant surgery on a man suffering from renal failure.

Mumbai resident CN Murlidharan became the first person in Maharashtra to undergo a robotic kidney transplant.

Leena, 55, the wife of patient C.N. Murlidharan, donated one of her kidneys to enable him to live a normal life.

The 59-year-old, who was on dialysis for the past 18 months, is now on the path of recovery after the surgery last Sunday.

Doctors from Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre (HNRF), the fourth center in the country to perform the surgery, said robotic technology offers lower risk of infection and pain and faster recovery.

Explaining the surgery, doctors said the donor kidney is removed laparoscopically, which ensures faster recovery than open surgery.

The transplant then takes place with the help of a small incision, similar to a donor retrieval incision, and no muscles are cut.

The Da Vinci robot, developed by an American company, is then used through keyhole incisions to graft kidney vessels to the patient’s blood vessels, using microvascular instruments and sutures.

The 360-degree movement of the robotic arms, suturing with fine tremor-free movements of the robotic instruments, helps in precise anastomosis and since the incision is not over the site of the graft kidney, infection chances are negligible and recovery is much faster, doctors said.

Murlidharan said the robotic surgery was not very painful either. “I was initially reluctant but the doctors convinced me about the benefits. I am happy that I went ahead with it,” he said.

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