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Chinese Medicines found having DNA of Animals

Chinese Medicines
More should be done to stop the use of endangered species in traditional Chinese medicines. Image Courtesy: Google

It is well known to all that the traditional Chinese medicines are made for different health benefits. At least the Chinese people claim it. However we could not thought that they are doing illegal wildlife trading by the medicine manufacturing. Recently an article has been published in the Forensic Science Medicine and Pathology by Professor Roger Byard who is from the University’s School of Medicine. He has given the evidences of presence of DNA of endangered animals in the medicines. This finding has revealed again the illicit trading of the parts of endangered animals in the international market. It is embarrassing how the local authority has overlooked this.

The animal DNA in traditional Chinese medicines:

It is a well known fact that the Rhinoceros horn is used to cure disorders like cerebral hemorrhage to AIDS. Can you imagine the cost of this item? It costs nearly US$50,000 per kilogram in the international market. On the other hand the bone dust of the tigers is highly demanding to treat arthritis. In the international market the shell extracts of the freshwater turtles are effective for the treatment of cancer. There are many more to go in the list. And the Chinese medicine manufacturers are using the belief of the people to do their illegal animal trading.


We are now at the stage where the ecosystem is highly affected by the illicit deeds of the so called civilized people. And now the medicines are being used as the route of this trading. If we would not stop it immediately, we surely lose the endangered species from our planet.

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