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Progress of Monsoon in Maharashtra

After almost two months of the monsoon, Maharashtra has reported a total water stock at 61% of the capacity, mainly because of the delayed rains.

The Konkan and Pune divisions have comparatively better water stock in the dams compared to the rest of Maharashtra. The Western Ghats are one of the primary reasons for heavy downpour in the Konkan and Pune divisions.

The Konkan division has received good showers this year, taking the current storage to 89% of the total capacity of 58.50 TMC. Dams in the Konkan region are not used for agricultural purposes, but they are mostly used for drinking water and hydroelectric power generation.

The Pune division has 368 small, medium and large dams, with total storage capacity of 362.5 TMC. The current water stock in these dams is 276.84 TMC, which is 76% of the total storage capacity.

The situation in Marathwada remains critical, with the region’s current water stock at merely 19%. The region is known for frequent drought-like situations and severe water scarcity.

Maharashtra generally receives its first monsoon showers on June 7 and within the next few weeks, rains cover the entire state. This year, the monsoons arrived in Maharashtra only in the latter half of June and early showers were not intense.

Water Capacity and Stock:

Division Capacity (in TMC) Stock (in TMC) Percentage
Pune 362.5 276.84 76
Konkan 58.5 51.90 89
Marathwada 268.33 49.93 19
Nagpur 137.85 97.92 71
Amravati 103 48.13 47
Nashik 167.17 88.03 53
Others 217.86 186.78 86
Total 1,314.76 800.53 61

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