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Portable Hotel Suite: Lets You Stay in the Most Remote Locations

This Portable Hotel Suite Lets You Stay in the Most Remote Locations. (Image courtesy: Google)

Many people love the idea of camping out deep in the nature but aren’t ready for tackling the logistics of stay. Barcelona based design studio In-Tenta may have a solution to their problem.

One can enter a DROP box which is a portable hotel suite. It can be set up instantly in the location of one’s choice. Suites which comes in one or two bedroom models are constructed mainly of wood.

It is a concept which fits between a caravan and a permanent room in a traditional building. Designers of this hotel are drawing inspirations from organic shapes which are found in nature.

In-Tenta interior design. (Image courtesy: Google)

Mobile Architecture:

Completely mobile architecture is custom designed to be installed with minimum impact over the environment.

Base of the structure is elevated from the ground over adjustable steel legs. It is for adapting to the irregular terrains and minimizing the contact with undeveloped land.

They includes over sized windows for helping in immersing oneself to our surroundings. It is while having little or no impact on the natural ecological environment.

Dramatic feature of its design is the large bubble windows at the ends of the central cylindrical tube. Skylight running through the entire length of the pod is providing plenty of daylight and stargazing at night.

Each of the green hotel suite can comfortably accommodate two adults. Aim of this hotel is for meeting the global demand for eco-tourism around the world with customers and hoteliers.

DROP concept has won a design contest which was organized by the urban furniture and microarchitecture manufacturer URBAN SQUARE.

Suites are designed for fitting seamlessly in even the most remote natural locations.

Guests can enjoy the comforts of a bathroom with a panoramic shower and a outdoor terrace.

Looking into that rugged campers which are roughing it in a great outdoor need not apply.

Intrigued travelers can take a virtual tour over the In-Tenta website. If you like what you see, then pricing is available upon request.

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