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Polio virus therapy can help fight brain cancer: Study

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Administering brain tumor patients genetically modified poliovirus therapy can boost their three-year survival rate by 21 percent, show results of a clinical trial.

The poliovirus therapy had in 2016 obtained “breakthrough therapy” designation from the US Food and Drug Administration.

The therapy, described in the journal Science Translational Medicine, includes a genetically modified form of the poliovirus vaccine, which is infused directly into a brain tumor via a surgically implanted catheter and preferentially zeroes in on tumor cells, igniting a targeted immune response.

For the phase 1 trial, launched in 2012, the team included a small group of patients who were followed-up for 27.6 months.

For all the poliovirus patients, the median overall survival was 12.5 months, compared to 11.3 months for the historical control group.

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