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Pakistan approves long-pending Hindu Marriage Bill, to be tabled in National Assembly

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After being suffering from a long delay for the minority community of Hindu in Pakistan, it will soon be having a marriage law as a part of the parliamentary panel as it has approved the Hindu Marriage Bill. The First draft of the Hindu Marriage Bill has been passed by the National Assembly Standing Committee of Law and Justice on Monday. This panel specially included five Hindu Lawmakers which were being invited.

Although there had been delaying, the committee has adopted unanimously the bill which has undergone from the two amendments being fixing the minimum age for the male and female at 18 and making them applicable for the whole  country.

Marriage Bill
Hindus living in Pakistan also deprived of legal rights such as inheritance, remarriage, separation. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Different Views over the Bill

The bill is now being going to be tabled in the National Assembly where the ruling Nawaz party is being supporting it. Committee chairman Chaudhry Mahmood also displayed the regrets over the delay of the bill, which is being in favor of the Hindu Community.  Though the bill was being supported by the Virk and the ruling PML-N lawmaker Dr. Rameshkumar Vankwani but the other members of the parliamentary party continued to be opposing it.

Shagufta Jumani of Pakistan’s People’s party and Ali Mohammad Khan of Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf has raised many of the queries concerning the minimum age of girls of Hindu community and the status of their marriage if one of their partner get converted to islam. Commenting over the same Vankwani said that they are being prohibiting the marriage of about 100 girls a year and even an orphan whose age is being under 18.

They even wanted to drop one of the clause being part of the bill that the marriage will be nullified if any one of them converts his/her religion. Commenting over the same Vankwani said that why can’t a hindu and a muslim or a Christian live happily together? It gained great resistance from the Jumani and Khan after which the committee stopped any of the further discussion to avoid the “total collapse” of the meetings.

After the 18th amendment being carried out, issues being relating to the religious minorities along with their family members has become provincial subjects. Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has passed the required resolutions, yet the Sindh and Punjab assemblies have not done that.

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