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North Korea Behind The WannaCry Ransomware Cyber Attack?

Image courtesy: Google

The entire world is curious to know who is behind the huge global WannaCry Ransomware Cyber Attack which has affected more than 300,000 machines worldwide.

Now an Indian-origin security researcher with Google, Neel Mehta, has found evidence suggesting that North Korean hackers may have carried out the cyber attack.

Neel Mehta has published a code which a Russian security firm has termed as the “most significant clue to date”, BBC reported today.

Researchers have said that some of the code used in Friday’s ransomware, known as WannaCry software, was nearly identical to the code used by the Lazarus Group, a group of North Korean hackers who used a similar version for the devastating hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014 and the last year’s hack of Bangladesh Central Bank.

“Neel Mehta’s discovery is the most significant clue to date regarding the origins of WannaCry,” said Russian security firm Kaspersky, but noted a lot more information is needed about earlier versions of WannaCry before any firm conclusion can be reached.

The cyber companies’ research will be closely followed by law enforcement agencies around the world, including Washington, where US President Donald Trump’s homeland security adviser said on Monday that both foreign nations and cyber criminals were possible culprits.

First, China was among the countries worst hit, and not accidentally – the hackers made sure there was a version of the ransom note written in Chinese.

It seems unlikely North Korea would want to antagonize its strongest ally. Russia too was badly affected, the report said.

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