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No Joy in cities as safety, civic services falls short.

We are happy to say that there is no discrimination regarding the basic needs of the people in India. Is it true? Let’s go for the research. The Voice of India’s Citizens or VOICE study is conducted every year to assess the response of the citizens regarding their basic needs and the amenities provided to them. This study is performed by a Bangalore based group named Janaagraha to assess the observations of the Indian citizens of different places regarding the demand and the supply. In the last year this was done by speaking to over 25000 people of different areas. All the assessments have been shown in The Hindu. The most important part of the assessment was to find the accountability of the public servants and other government officials. It was mainly focused to assess the duties of them and the jobs done so ever.

Response of the citizens regarding the policing system

The survey of the previous year has shown that in Delhi there is dissatisfaction regarding the policing than that of Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. On the other hand there is seen patrolling of police in Bhopal hardly. In Chennai, Dehradun, there are good connections of the citizens with police and for this reason the police persons do their job better.

The supply of water and other amenities

Water supply is the basic demand of the people. Is that demand gets fulfilled in all cities of India? The citizens of Delhi and Mumbai are highly satisfied with the water supply, where the citizens of Bangalore and Chennai are highly dissatisfied regarding this basic need. When you look specifically in the matter of Chennai, you can find that only one third of the citizens have tap water connection. On the other hand the power supply is best in Mumbai.

The women safety

When we are talking about the women safety in offices and on roads, Kolkata will defeat Delhi. In Delhi the women can stay outside of home up to maximum 8 p.m. where in Kolkata the women are safe even at the midnight. How embarrassing the fact is. We are talking that the women are not much safe in the capital of our country.


The assessment is trying to say this that the government should pay attention to the basic amenities of the people. The government should assure the safety of the people because the political leaders are dependent on the common people to get their seats in assembly and hence they are the answerable persons to the common people of India.

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