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New Wearable e-Skin Sensor Boosts Health Monitoring

Image courtesy: Google

Japanese researchers have developed a lightweight e-skin sensor that can be worn on the skin for a week without discomfort.

The sensor is made out of an elastic electrode made from breathable nano-scale meshes that could be used to develop noninvasive e-skin devices to monitor a person’s health continuously over a long period of time.

The mesh contains a water-soluble polymer, polyvinyl alcohol and a gold layer.

The device can be applied by spraying a small amount of gold  on the skin, which sticks easily and dissolves the PVA nano-fibers.

In addition to nursing care and medical application the new device promises to enable continuous, precise monitoring of athletes’ physiological signals and bodily motion without impeding their training or performance.

The team conducted a skin patch test on 20 subjects and detected no inflammation on the participant’s skin after they had worn the device for a week.

Furthermore, the device’s mechanical durability was proved through the repeated bending and stretching, exceeding 10,000 times, of a conductor attached on the forefinger.

Its readings of the electrical activity of muscles were comparable to those obtained through conventional gel electrodes, the researchers said.

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