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New species of toad found in Brazil.

New species of toad – Brachycephalus quiririensisvive. Image courtesy :- IANs

Recently Brazilian researchers have found a new species of toad that is a little more than 1 cm long and appears to be in danger of extinction.

  • The species are named as Brachycephalus quiririensisvive. They were discovered by researchers from Parana Federal University in the Serra do Quiriri highlands of the southern state of Santa Catarina in Brazil, according to the Grupo Boticario Foundation for the Protection of Nature which sponsored the study.
  • The species is greenish-brown with a broad, orange stripe on its back that distinguishes it from related species.
  • “We still have not confirmed it, but we believe that its striking coloration is to indicate to predators that the toad is poisonous, to protect itself,” scientist Marcio Pie added .
  • The species was described in an article published in this week’s edition of the scientific journal PeerJ.
  • Brachycephalus quiririensisvive is found only in Serra do Quiriri highlands in Brazil, characterized by a cold and humid environment.

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