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New concepts emerge for generating clean, inexpensive fuel from water

New concepts emerge for generating clean, inexpensive fuel from water. (Image courtesy :- google)

There has been quite much debate and newer methods are being constantly being emerging out for finding out newer methods of finding an alternative method of finding fuel. One of the recent method includes usage of solar energy for splitting of the water into its constituents i.e. Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Then this hydrogen is being harvested and being used as a fuel which in turns releases energy and ultimately gets converted again into water which is of utmost purified form. But the process of splitting this water into its constituent parts is being not so easy.

Two of the scientists being working with the Institute of Molecular Engineering and University of Wisconsin has made quite an important contribution to this effort, improving upon the efficiency over the key processes and also developing new conceptual tools to be applied over a more broader perspective over the quest to split the water by using the sunlight.

Nitrogen over Electrode: Enhancing the electron flow.

There has been constant improvements over the usage of most of the solar spectrum as possible to absorb photons. This photon energy being converted into light energy which ultimately gets converted into the heat energy after being absorbed by the material and exciting electrons to make them easily move or get transferred from one electrode to the another. Movement of this electrodes makes electricity flowing in the electrolyte solution comprising of water thus splitting up the water into corresponding constituents.

Two of the researchers Choi and Tae Woo Kim found out that if the electrode being used is being made up of semiconducting compound like bismuth Vanadate and is being heated up to 350 degree Celsius than the nitrogen flowing over it will be incorporated into the electrode. This nitrogen incorporation results in notable increase in both the photon absorption along with the electron transport. One of the research found out that the nitrogen being incorporated by passing over the nitrogen gas over the electrode also acts as own electrode creating defects in the electrode. Thus this defects creates holes which results in greater and rapid transport of electrons among this electrodes.

Galli and Choi’s teams though working separately came together via National Science Foundation Initiative called Centre for Chemical Innovation Solar which was being led by Prof. Harry B. Gray of Caltech. Working together both had the same intention though coming from different fields, having common problems and also having common focus in mind.

Thus we can say using Hydrogen as a fuel will prove to be the utmost pure form of fuel without any kind of pollution and also contributing nill to the Global Warming. Even the end product being purified form of water is also being beneficial for cyclic process.

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