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NEET: States Divided on SC Order


After the Supreme Court decision on National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET), union government signalled a rethink on the issue.

The NEET issue was discussed in a meeting of state health ministers with Union health minister J.P. Nadda on Monday (May 16).

The Supreme Court had earlier ruled that NEET would be the only test for admissions to medical courses in India, turning down an appeal by many states to be allowed to hold separate entrance exams.

The Supreme Court also stated that the students who have anxiety that they have not been able to perform well in the NEET I, would be permitted for participating in the NEET II exam, provided they surrender candidature for NEET I.

Most of the states take their own medical entrance exams every year. And the central government and the Supreme Court made that decision to put an end to the state entrance exams.

This sudden decision has left lots of students who were preparing for the state entrance exam nervous. And according to the experts this has become a luck factor this year for the students to crack in the examination.

However there are many students who prepare for the national entrance examination. They do not have any problem.

Most of the students appear every year in the state exams. This decision is not bad of course, but the sudden execution is not wise.

Some students are anxious that they are not that much of prepared for the national exam AIPMT. They have been focusing on the state curriculum.

Although the SC has told that the students who did not do well in the phase I, they would also be permitted to appear in the NEET II.

Is it the only thing that could be done? It is really an uncomfortable and unpredictable situation by means of the assessment of merit of the students.

This decision should have to be taken wisely so that all students could appear properly in the national entrance. The government could make this execution from the coming academic year. Let’s see how could be the dilemma solved.

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