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More Than 1,000 US Spies: Working To Help Securing Rio Olympics

Rio Olympics
Highly secured Rio Olympics. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Rio Olympics games has started and it is of utmost importance to ensure its safety, such that games are carried out without any hindrances.

U.S. intelligence has assigned more than 1000 spies to the security of Olympics as a part of the highly classified effort for protection of the Rio 2016 Summer games and American Athletes and staff.

Rio Olympics
Eight hundred intelligence professionals will be operating from the US for securing Rio Olympics. (Image Courtesy: Google)

Work Towards Securing Rio Olympics:

Quite about hundreds of the analysts, law enforcement and special operations personnel are already working on the grounds in Rio de Janerio.

Even more than about dozen of the highly trained Navy and Marine Corps commandos from the US special operations command are located in Brazil which are working with the Brazilian Federal Police and even the Brazilian Navy, according to the senior military officials.

US military is expected to have higher military units being placed over the call for the rescue or the counter-terrorism operation as and when needed.

Classified reports has outlined an operation which is encompassing all of the 17 US intelligence agencies which includes those from the armed services.

It also involves those from the human intelligence, spy satellites, electronics eavesdropping and even monitoring of the cyber and social media.

Co-operation areas includes vetting 10,000 plus of the athletes and even 35,000 plus of the security and police personnel’s and even others which are monitoring social media accounts of the terrorists. It is also offering a help to the US in securing the computer networks.

Working in Collaboration with Brazil Government:

Richard Kolko who is a spokesperson for the National Intelligence Director James Clapper commenting over the same says, “U.S. intelligence agencies are working closely with Brazilian intelligence officials to support their efforts to identify and disrupt potential threats to the Olympic Games in Rio.”

Same operation is being conducted with full co-operation from the Brazilian government.

Two weeks ago, Brazilian authorities had detained about a dozen of the Rio residents for their alleged ties with the Islamic state and has arrested a Brazilian of Lebanese descent for the case of alleged links to the ISIS.

Justice minister of Brazil has described those being arrested as “amateurs”, but has even noted that they had discussed about attacking Olympics.

Information from U.S. Intelligence:

Documents of the U.S. Intelligence from the March is also identifying Hezbollah activity in Brazil.

Another U.S. intelligence official has even told that he is not seeing any of the threats of an ISIS attack which is contrasting the Olympics with the EuroCup soccer championship during the last month in France which was overlaid by the ISIS threat profile.

According to the review of the intelligence, US has put a 24/7 multi-agency “Olympic Watch” over the place late during the last year which also involves all the agencies of the intelligence and law enforcement communities which also includes CIA, NSA, the Secret Service, the FBI.

It is also including a National Reconnaissance Office which are responsible for the spy satellites and even the National Geo-spatial Intelligence Agency which are in charge of the imagery interpretation.

Intelligence Working over the Ground:

NSA which is considered as the eavesdropping agency is one of the leading agency which has played a leading role for the intelligence community over the Olympics since 1984 Los Angeles games.

Officials even told that NSA has proven to be most able for providing the unique intelligence over the ground and even the real-time warnings which even the host nations themselves can’t provide.

U.S. is one of the 51 countries which is supplying intelligence to the Brazilian counter terrorism effort, but the effort by American is only the second to the operation by Brazilian.

According to the senior official of U.S. intelligence, 800 intelligence professionals which are mostly analysts are operating from U.S. They have been assigned another 350 over the ground being supporting U.S., Brazilian and even the International Olympic Committee efforts.

Official has even noted each of the U.S. military services which are having athletes participating in the Olympics which includes sporting, men and women boxing and wrestling competitions. Thus they are having actual equities involved in their community.

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