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Mobile Shower To Serve Homeless People

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We all notice many homeless people on the road and there are many philanthropic personalities in the society who like to help them. However, in most cases, the homeless people are offered with food, water, and clothes. Do we ever think about their hygiene? No, we do not. We should also take care of hygiene of the homeless people if we really want to help. It is very important to make them and the society clean and healthy.

Image courtesy :- google
Image courtesy :- google

Jake Austin just steps in and brought with a new idea of a mobile shower for the hygiene of the homeless people.

Mobile Shower: “Shower to the People” 

Jake has been spending time for helping the homeless people of St. Louis, Missouri since one year. Recently he has come with a new idea to make those homeless people clean and healthy.

He has bought a truck from Craigslist for $5000 and transformed it to a mobile shower. He has given it the name “Shower to the People”.

Image courtesy :- google
two stalls of the shower with a long row of sinks Image courtesy :- google
  • The mobile shower has two stalls of the shower with a long row of sinks.
  • There are also mirrors in the truck.
  • The homeless people are given soaps at free of cost so that they can take a bath.

Bathing Materials Image courtesy :- google

Bathing Materials Image courtesy :- google

He is taking water from a fire hydrant and making it hot with the help of an external generator. Is it not a wise way to help the homeless?

There is another project named WeHOPE in San Mateo, California. The project is funded by the crowd. It is founded by Paul Bains. The homeless people would have a facility to make them clean under the showers.


We all know that health is wealth and healthy people make a healthy society. The homeless men are not the members of another world. They also exist here. The two great philanthropists have shown how to help the homeless people in a proper way. We should follow them to make a healthy planet.

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