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Cerrado in Brazil facing Massive deforestation

Britain spends £10m to stop deforestation in Brazil Image courtesy: Google

We have been receiving the news of massive deforestation from every part of the planet. A new report has revealed that a massive deforestation has been done in the famous Amazon region spread up to Cerrado of Brazil. We all know that the Amazon is one of the main regions of tropical rain forest of this planet and it controls the climate of that part to large extent. This region is now going to be diminished by some greedy people.

The new study

This is first time when it has been come to the light. However the intense deforestation and the agricultural expansion have been found in Cerrado since last decade. It has been reported officially. According to the news Cerrado has become one of the important hotspots for the massive tropical deforestation. The study has been done by the joint research work by the researchers of Brown University and the Woods Hole Research Center. They have taken the satellite images to report the massive tropical deforestation of Cerrado. They have published the data in the journal Global Change Biology.

It would affect the environment

Map of Deforestation in Brazil, from 2002 to 2008, for each Biome. Bases Prodes (INPE) and Biomes’s Monitoring (IBAMA) Image ourtesy: Google

The tropical forest in one of the main rain forest beds of this planet. If it would be ceased to exist or at least diminished largely, then the tropical region together with other parts would be affected by the massive climate change. We already have been facing the change in the natural monsoon and if this forest would also be destroyed, God knows what would happen.

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