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Kerala Banana Chips To Woo Western Buyers


Popular Kerala banana chips snack are now in the healthier version. Manjilas Group has launched their latest paper-thin healthier banana chips last Monday.

South Indian actress and also the company’s brand ambassador Shobhana has launched the new healthier version of the banana chips.

Different from the Regular Kerala Banana Chips:

Photo - Aa.deeshna, Wiki media
Photo: Aa.deeshna, Wiki media

The main difference between the regular banana chips and the new one is their thickness.

The available version of the same banana snacks is usually available in fried 5 millimetre thickness, whereas the newly launched ones will be paper-thin chips of 1mm thickness using less oil to fry.

Company Goal:

This Thrissur-based group of companies, which markets its products under the brand name ‘Double Horse’, has a foundation business of rice and rice-based products.

The company plans to use Kerala grown bananas only for the snacks using modern equipment.

Their main goal is to make this Kerala banana chips snack more popular among the European and the American buyers. Thus they have thought to make this item less oily and healthier to encourage foreign buyers more.

The company official Sunil P.Krishnan said the media “We target the Western world as this is one market, where banana chips are not generally available. Already we supply our products to western countries and this new product is going to get an excellent response.”

The Company Businesses Internationally:

Image courtesy: Google
Image courtesy: Google

Manjilas Group – the ISO certified group began operations in 1959.

The company today sells over two dozen varieties of rice, in addition to more than 100 rice-based products and some other products which reach to more than 90 countries.

This new banana chips will also be available soon in the market. These are packed in attractive three layer nitrogen sachets, with a shelf life of a year. It will cost Rs 25/- for a 30 gm packet.

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