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iPhone 8 May Drop Touch ID, To Have Facial Recognition System

Touch Id
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Apple could ditch its Touch ID fingerprint recognition system entirely in favor of a new facial recognition system, an expert has claimed.

Amid speculation on where Apple would place the touch id sensor on iPhone 8, which is expected to have a full-screen OLED display, a report predicted that the sensor would be removed altogether.

Apple is predicted to roll out three iPhone models this fall, including an all-new design 5.2-inch (or 5.8 inch depending on the definition of screen size in use) OLED iPhone and LCD models at 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch.

“The OLED model won’t support fingerprint recognition because the full-screen design doesn’t work with existing capacitive fingerprint recognition and the scan-through ability of the under-display fingerprint solution still has technical challenges,” the report claimed.

The OLED iPhone may also support 3D sensing to allow for facial recognition and improved augmented reality functions while improving selfie quality.

The iPhone 8 is also predicted to feature a display with “the highest screen-to-body ratio of any phone on the market” made possible with the use of a notch display design.

Kuo is expecting an October-November and August-September as production ramp-up schedules of OLED iPhone & LCD iPhone respectively.

“For optimized promotional effect, we think Apple may unveil the three models simultaneously in September, though the launch date of the OLED version may trail that of LCD models,” the report added.

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