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Inspiring Girls into STEM with Programmable Wearables

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The women are running forward to the development of technology. The use of programmable women wearable is one of the examples of it. The inspiring women aspiring  in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) for their success are now promoting the programmable wearable bracelet for women. Let’s find out this.

The innovative women wearable of Jewelbots

Jewelbots Programmable Wearable (Image courtesy: Google)
Jewelbots Programmable Wearable (Image courtesy: Google)

The founders of Jewelbots have come with a new device for the women in the iPhone era. It is a friendship band which would make the girls able to be a master in the technology.

According to the co-founder of Jewelbots, Brooke Moreland kids love to have fun and it is their job. The bracelet is powered by Arduino Gemma micro-controllers which would teach the girls to customize their own watches.

According to the source, it has been reported that the main focus of the invention is to make the girls more engaged to technology so that they also can come forward in this sector. The bracelet would let the girls hack the hardware and software with fun. She has told that the sooner they sense the fun, the sooner they would be engaged in it.

The inspiration for the girls

(Image courtesy: Google)
(Image courtesy: Google)

The founders of Jewelbots are expecting that through the invention they would be able to make the young girls inspired to go for the advanced science including programming of software, computer science, and so on. It would help to make the young generation curious about their ability to unlock the science career.

One of the co-founders, Chipps also has developed the non-profit organization named as Girl Develop It. She first noticed the importance of empowering the women when she was a teacher of software at Flatiron School. She noticed that during the training session, the girls became very enthusiastic and this drove her to develop such wearable.


Presently there are nearly half of the workforce of the United States is from girls, but a few years ago the picture was different. Then only 24 per cent girls were in STEM. This statistical data has been published by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA). ESA pointed that it was because of discrimination in gender. Now Jewelbolts is here to wipe out it and to empower more girls in the sector of STEM.

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