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India’s First Heliport Inaugurated In Delhi

The heliport has a terminal building having capacity of 150 passengers, four hangars with parking capacity of 16 helicopters and nine parking bays. (Image courtesy: Google)

The much anticipated and first heliport was inaugurated by Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapati Raju in the national capital on Tuesday (February 28).

First heliport
Image courtesy: Google

Built by Pawan Hans Ltd, a Public Sector Undertaking of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, this is India’s first dedicated heliport.

For the last one year trial runs have been undergoing successfully. The heliport consists of a terminal building.

This terminal building will have a capacity of 150 passengers. It also has a capacity of four hangars with parking capacity of 16 helicopters. There are also nine parking bays inside this heliport.

Inside the Heliport. (Image courtesy: Google)
Inside the Heliport. (Image courtesy: Google)

Besides, it has a maintenance, repair and overhaul facility also for the upkeep of Pawan Hans fleet as well as for third-party maintenance work.

This first heliport will play an important role in providing various helicopter services ranging from offshore transport, connecting remote & inaccessible Islands of Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep promoting heli-tourism in India.

It is also India’s first integrated facility for rotor wing aircraft including their landing and takeoff.

This heliport is expected to reduce congestion at the Delhi Airport, which currently handles about 40-50 helicopter arrivals and departure.

The heliport will also be used for operating services for disaster management, emergency medical services.

Rohini heliport will also promote regional air connectivity through helicopters in the northern region.

A road-map to connect cities like Shimla, Haridwar, Dehradun, Mathura, Agra, Meerut and industrial hubs such as Manesar, Bahadurgarh to the national capital.

This  first heliport will also serve as a center for the skill development of pilots and engineers.

Experts believe that this heliport will give a major thrust to the Government’s prestigious Regional connectivity scheme which aims to make air journey more affordable.

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