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India is Going To Launch Ghatak Project

India set to develop own stealth combat drones. Image courtesy :- TNN

We have crossed through two World Wars, but we have not got the war free planet. Every time the developed countries are working to develop their secret war weapons. India was lagging behind them in this sector. Is it true? Let’s take an insight view of the defense project of this country. According to the report India is going to launch an ambitious project to develop India’s own stealth combat drones which would be able to fire long range precision guided missiles. It is thought that the project will help India to fight against enemies.

The Project

According to the source it has been reported that the government was going to approve Rs. 2,650 crore for the project named Ghatak which would be implemented to make the futuristic drones. The project has been already passed by the Defense Ministry and now it is under the evaluation stage of the Finance Ministry. Once the project would be approved, it would be placed before the cabinet for final approval. It is being thought that the approval would be got at very near future.

The Project Has Come From an Existing One

Project Ghatak has become originated from a previous program named AURA or autonomous unmanned research aircraft which was sanctioned in the year of 2009 with a cost value of Rs. 12.50 crore. The previous one has been successfully completed in 2013 and now we are going to get another security measure of this country. The new project has been initiated by a joint venture of the Aeronautical Development Agency and DRDO and consultation is being taken from the IAF.

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