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India Launches First R&D Facility For High-End Fuels, Gas

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The country’s first Research & Development (R&D) facility in the petroleum sector for testing high-end BS-VI quality fuels has been launched.

The facility, operated by the largest fuel retailer Indian Oil Corp (IOC) was inaugurated by oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

The first-of-its-kind R&D facility in Faridabad is designed to test all types of fuels including petrol, diesel, ethanol-blended petrol, bio-diesel, CNG, LNG, Hydrogen-CNG and 2G-ethanol blends to ensure they meet the superior BS-VI norms that are to be implemented across the country by April 2020.

In addition to generating emission data, the facility will also evaluate the fuel blends for energy-efficiency and engine durability.

On the occasion, Pradhan addressed and congratulated senior scientists at the IOC R&D division and exhorted them to ensure that the benefits of the research and innovations reach the common man and benefit him in every possible way.

He also complimented the team for developing a nano-additised battery for use in e-rickshaws, with better efficiency and longer life than commercially available batteries.

The minister also lauded the efforts of Indian Oil R&D in commercializing Indane Nanocut — the industrial version of LPG for the metal-cutting industry.

He also appreciated the Center’s R&D efforts in new process and product technologies like OCTAMAX, intelligent instrumented pipeline inspection gauge (IPIG), 2G-ethanol and various catalysts developed for refinery and petrochemical plant operations.

Pradhan said he hoped Indian Oil would take a quantum leap in alternative and renewable research arenas in the next 3-4 years.

Indian Oil’s R&D Centre, established in 1972, is among the key Centers of Excellence in the country in downstream petroleum R&D.

With a portfolio of over 550 active patents in India and abroad, the Centre lends back-end support to the company in the form of proprietary research and commercialization capabilities in lubricants, refinery processes & pipelines operations, fuel additives, catalysts, alternative & renewable energy sources, engine testing, materials sciences and environmental sciences.

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