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HPE, Tata Communications To Build World’s Largest IoT Network In India

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) says that it is working with Tata Communications for supporting the roll-out of India’s first LoRaWAN (LoRa) based network.

Company has announced this while the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Tata Communications has unveiled plans for the LoRa network during last year. It is one of the part of company’s long term strategy for creating mobile platforms and ecosystems.

It enables its customers and partners for connecting people and IoT-connected devices seamlessly over the global scale.

Source: TelecomTV – YouTube

Field Trials:

First phase of the roll out is targeting tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 cities in India which is touching over 400 million people. It possesses successful field trials in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Even there are 35 proof-of-concept applications in trial over the network.

Tata Communications and HPE tie-up is paving way for the new era of enabling devices. It comes with the embedded connectivity for enterprise customer solutions throughout the country.

Project involves connecting devices, applications and other IoT solutions over LoRa network. They are included in smart buildings, campus, utilities, fleet management, security and healthcare services in nearly 2,000 communities.

It covers over 400 million people while making it first of its kind of initiative in India.

Anthony Bartolo, President-Mobility, IoT and Collaboration services, Tata Communications says, “As part of our commitment to innovation and in driving digital transformation globally, we are creating a cohesive, resilient and highly secure network to deploy IoT applications in India. We are excited to be partnering with HPE in this project as this platform is critical to amalgamating all the complex variables in enabling a truly digital India.”

It is designed for massive scale, multi-vendor and multi-network support while using the oneM2M interoperability standard.

HPE Universal IoT Platform is streamlining interoperability and management of heterogeneous IoT devices and applications which powers the intelligent edge.

Global Cellular IoT Connectivity:

Corresponding platform is supporting long-range, low-power connectivity deployments and devices which is using cellular, radio, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Even HPE has recently enhanced its Universal IoT platform which increased LoRa gateway support.

It further enabled the use of multiple LoRa gateways which were having common set of applications for simplifying device provisioning. It even includes control in heterogeneous LoRa environment.

David Sliter, Vice President and General Manager – Communication Solutions Business, HPE says, “The sheer size of this project is incredible, bringing new services to millions of people. Through our partner centric approach, the HPE Universal IoT platform will enable Tata Communications to build multiple vertical use cases for its Indian IoT network on a common platform with a common data model.”

Tata communications has even selected HPE to be an integral part of its global cellular IoT connectivity services. This is providing a range of domestic and cross-border IoT connectivity and management services.

They are particularly for the applications which require elements of mobility such as connected cars, fleet management and transportation services.

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