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HP Backpack: Which Can Charge Laptop, Tablets And Smart Phones

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HP Powerup BackPack will be available from 1st October and are currently available for pre-order.

Recharging of laptop and mobile device is one of the major concern for most of the people while they are travelling to distant places.

Charging it often causes too much halt in our travelling experience.

There are even limitations over carrying high wattage batteries in a baggage which is above 100 watt hours.

HP Backpack
Image courtesy: Google

HP backpack offers you advantages of recharging while on the go.

HP: Launching Backpack

Surpassing all these limitations, HP has launched a newer backpack which might look like one of the standard backpack.

Unique speciality of its battery includes its charging capacity which is 22,400 mAh.

With this much of power inside a battery one can recharge their phones about 10 times.

The HP backpack from inside. (Image courtesy: Google)
The HP backpack from inside. (Image courtesy: Google)

Canvas bag is also featuring ventilated pockets and even the heat sensor monitors and regulators which can prevent the bag from getting too hot.

According to the regulations of FAA any of the battery over 100 watt-hours are prohibited in case of checked or the carry-on luggage, but still exceptions can be made with the approval of airlines.

As the battery used in bag is rated 84 watt hours so there shouldn’t be any of the issues of the same.

Image courtesy: Google
Image courtesy: Google

Still there are different rules in different countries over the high capacity batteries and even it can raise some of the time consuming issues.

While flying in an international flight with the bag might not be an issue for everyone. It’s definitely something to consider about if one is planning to spend about $200 over the rechargeable backpack.

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