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Hottest Months In Modern Times Breaks All Records

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Last month was the hottest June on record: US scientists

We have just crossed the hottest month ever. I mean to say, we have broken all records of last 137 years.

Actually, we did not make this record; rather the environment has broken the record with the kind assistance of so-called civilized societies contributing in making the environment polluted and raising the global temperature.

Last Wednesday it was announced by the US scientists that the month of July of 2016 was the hottest month ever since last 137 years. It is not, however, a cherishing news to us.

World just sweated through hottest July on record Image courtesy: Google
The World just sweated through hottest July on record. (Image courtesy: Google)

The Report of NOAA:

Image courtesy: Google
Image courtesy: Google

The report has been published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) just after the releasing of climate data by the US space agency NASA.

It has been said in that report that July is the hottest month of the globe and the temperature data of last month did not make us disappointed.

According to the report the global temperature of July showed 0.87 degree Celsius rise than that of the 20th-century average data.

It has been shown that it was even 0.11 degree Celsius above the last year’s record. According to the scientists, the human beings are solely responsible for the consequence.

The high temperature has resulted from the excessive amount of fossil fuel burning causing indirectly the El Nino.

However, we have crossed the phase and now we are in La Nina phase. The data was taken over land and the ocean surfaces.

The Record Breaking Hottest Month:

Image courtesy: Google
Image courtesy: Google

The report says that some parts of the globe have made record temperature rise.

Among them, parts of Indonesia, southern Asia, and New Zealand are most important. The temperature hike has been seen the Gulf area and the scientists have called it as the scorching Gulf.

The highest temperature has been recorded in Mitribah, Kuwait with the value of 126.5° F on last 22nd July.

Places that saw near average or cooler than normal temperatures last month included the north-western United States, eastern Canada, southern South America, south-western Australia, north-central Russia, Kazakhstan, and India.

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